JRL-2000F controller [Japanese]

2023/06/15 Ver2.7 Fixed the slow program end.
2023/06/04 Ver2.6: Enabled support for English display. Also fixed a bug that occurred upon program termination.
2022/10/22 Ver2.5: When selecting ICOM, the command for reading frequency was being sent. However, if the ICOM rig is set to 'Use Antenna Tuner',it outputs frequency data corresponding to frequency changes, rendering the command unnecessary.
2022/05/10 Ver2.3: Fixed the inability to switch between KENWOOD and ICOM rigs.
2022/02/19 Ver2.2: Changed the Settings" button in the serial port configuration screen to [Open].
2021/05/04 Ver2.1: Fixed not being able to change ICOM rig address.
2021/04/30 Ver2.0: Renewed to allow switching between ICOM rigs. It can also synchronize with KA1-403S from Kojinsha. It automates the following processes: adjusting frequency, retrieving frequency from the PC to set the linear amplifier, switching antennas, and performing antenna tuning.

Hardware production is required.
See circuit diagram

During MANUAL operation, the frequency can be changed by turning the wheel on the frequency display.
At this time, adjust the wheel movement and UP/DOWN direction to your liking.
If you right-click on the screen, the setting menu will appear as shown below.
Mouse wheel reverse
 Reverses the frequency UP/DOWN direction.


 JRL-2000 Controller V2.7

Please email any questions to
ja7eif @ gmail.com'
Please remove any spaces before or after the email address.

Install & Uninstall
 Since it does not use the registry, uninstallation simply involves deleting the files.
 Please note that the use of the program is at your own risk and responsibility.

start up
 After extracting the files, locate the file named 'jrl2000f_controller.exe'.
 Double-click on the 'jrl2000f_controller.exe' file.
 This will launch the program and you can start using it.
 When started with the TS-2000 Controller, the TS-2000 Controller will preferentially connect to the TS-2000, and the TS-2000 will send data via Windows Message.
 For ICOM devices, each device has its own address.
 Please set the address of the device you are using.

Connection with KENWOOD
 Please use at 9600bps or more.
 Sending IF command.

Connection with ICOM
 Please use at 19200bps
 Send the 03 command to the ICOM rig.

Connection with KAI-403S
 Select [KWD/K2/K3_IF] for KAI-403S.

Connection with C-705
 Pair with PC.
 Please refer to the manual (In IC705, select pairing from the partner station)
 Once the pairing is successful, click on "Bluetooth options" on the PC screen.
 Select the COM Ports tab.
 If 'Outgoing ICOM BT (IC-705) SPP Dev' and 'Incoming ICOM BT (IC-705)' are displayed, it's good to go.
 The COM port to be used is the outgoing COM port.
 Select the COM port for the ICOM device.
 Enter the address as A4 (default value, or the changed value if applicable).
 Click the [Apply] button to confirm.
 Go back to the main screen and select ICOM again after referring to the manual.
 Make sure to refer to the IC-705 manual for the specific steps related to pairing and connecting with your PC.

JRL-2000F communication
1200bps 8bit non parity 1stop bit

Power Info     'C'
 response     'A1' (Power ON)
          'A0' (Power OFF)

Power ON/OFF    'A'
 response     'A1' (Power ON)
          'A0' (Power OFF)

PAスイッチ ON/OFF 'D'
 response     'D1' (PA ON)
          'D0' (PA OFF)

TUNE        'F2'

frequency binary 00 07 10 00 (7100.0KHz)

ANT1        'E1'
 response     'E1'
ANT2        'E2'
 response     'E2'
ANT3        'E3'
 response     'E3'
ANT4        'E4'
 response     'E4'

Delimiter CR